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Solar Panel Installation

The primary reason most homeowners choose a solar panel installation is to reduce their monthly electric bills.

By harnessing the endless free energy of the sun, homeowners can offset the operating expense of their lights and appliances, immediately reducing or even elimination their utility bills.

The savings add up over time, and a solar panel system can pay for itself in the long run.

Since solar energy renewable and abundant, you won't be tied to the fluctuating price of traditional fuels like gas and oil.

As long as the sun still shines, you'll continue to enjoy a continuous supply of free energy and can live free from the unpredictable cost of alternative fuels.

A solar panel installation is also eco-friendly, helping you reduce your impact on the environment.

Solar Panel Installation
Quality Solar Panels

Zahns Energy installs low-maintenance solar panel systems that is warrantied to function for 30 years or longer. Once the installation is complete, you won't have to worry about paying out of pocket for adjustments, repairs or replacements.

Our solar energy experts can explain your options and help you change the way you think about power. You can also enjoy a new roof installation if your home qualifies. Find out more by calling us today.


To get the maximum benefit from our solar panel services, make sure your home meets the necessary qualifications. We recommend...

  1. A sturdy roof with a minimum of seven hours of direct sunlight.
  2. Electrical bills of at least $100 a month to ensure significant savings.
  3. Only installing solar panels for a single-family home.
  4. An active broadband internet service.
  5. An up-to-code electric meter and circuit breakers.

To apply for our lease or purchase programs, the owner must:

  1. Be the owner of the property, named on the title and the electrical bill.
  2. Have a FICO score of 650 or above.
  3. Not be qualified for a discount from their power company or currently be on “D Care”.

Homes with hot tubs, swimming pools and water features will be better candidates for solar panel services. It's also recommended that your home be larger than 1200 sq. ft. to ensure the energy usage is high enough to warrant a solar panel installation.

We select homes based on the condition of their roof and the amount of sunlight they receive, and only 35% of homes qualify. See if your home makes the cut by contacting us.

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